Imagine Desenvolvimento e Gestão Social, founded in 2010, is a consultancy for strategic planning, fundraising and management of social, environmental and educational projects and initiatives, with the design and facilitation of group processes, with a main focus on the elaboration and improvement of organizational and public policies.



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Collaborative construction

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Regina Egger Pazzanese

Marcela Moraes


  • Planning: we assist clients and partners in the preparation, follow-up and monitoring of social, educational, cultural and sustainability projects and programs;

  • Project evaluation: advice directed to the elaboration of projects for fundraising, elaboration of planning tools, monitoring and evaluation (PMA) of projects and processes.

  • Strategic management: we assist companies and organizations in the development of management designs and processes for social, educational, cultural and sustainability projects;

  • Moderation / Facilitation of participative processes: for the construction of organizational and public policies;

  • Research: mapping, on-site diagnosis and qualitative systematization of social scenarios.



  • Our approach is located in the field of collaborative construction and the strengthening of participatory processes to achieve results.

  • We use a framework of new methodologies for innovation and social change to social analysis methodologies from the social sciences field, implemented through the facilitation and mediation of groups and / or individual investigative listening.

  • We deliver “tailor-made”, which means that any project or initiative developed by Imagine will use a repertoire of different methodologies and approaches according to exclusive demands.

  • Through shared construction, our focus on the strategic development of the institution advises "tailor-made" that teams and projects develop their initiatives in a systemic manner, with a focus on results.

  • IMAGINE tools for design and process management:

  • Deep Democracy Lewis Method  - complex themes, selected agendas and divergent views;

  • Logical thread (H + K) - systemic chaining of dialogue conduction;

  • Valuation - prioritization of key policies, themes and ideas;

  • Metaplan - digital or analog responses, which systematizes contributions and dialogues in a structured way;

  • Situational Strategic Planning (PES)  multi stakeholder scenario assessment;

  • World Café, Art of Hosting and Dragon Dreaming - subgroup dynamics for exchanging experiences;

  • Social transformation laboratory;

  • Socio-historical research - systematization, reporting and mapping / research from human sciences field;

  • Graphic facilitation (partners) - visual and drawing memory of meeting's content.




Although many studies confirm the value of diversity for organizations, diversity often means the presence of contrasting points of view that can lead to conflict. Conflicts are usually feared because we don't know what to do with them. And the longer we go without addressing the growing conflict, the more we get away from each other and the more stuck we are in our positions. The leadership's job is to bring conflict to daylight and use it skillfully as a source of creativity and as a catalyst for learning and growth. Just to respect our differences is to renounce the true gift offered to us by diversity. We are a family owned and operated business.


Deep Democracy is a transdisciplinary approach that has as its founding principle to act from situations of conflict, uncertainty and social and human complexity. In increasingly dynamic societies and responsive citizenship, Profound Democracy - the structuring basis of Arnold Mindell's Process Word theory (1940-), manages to mobilize a philosophical framework that articulates physics, mathematics and psychology, with the aim of to promote inclusive and innovative dialogues between people, companies and organizations.


In the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy, conflict and polarization become potentializing channels for individual and collective decision-making that bring a more creative and original vision to address simple issues, from day to day to complex situations, faced by governments and companies . The tools that promote this practice are: a) encourage all opinions to be heard; b) map and guide the voices of minorities; c) spreading the energies beyond individuals and, thus, working with the idea of ​​a quantum field; d) resolve tensions and conflicts between polarized energies.


The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy developed in post-apartheid South Africa and practiced in more than 20 countries around the world. Deep Democracy is a psychological-based facilitation methodology, particularly useful for working with relationships and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by difference. CoResolve provides the theoretical foundation, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and the long-term support you need to start using the powerful and essential tools of Deep Democracy in your leadership. We are a family owned and operated business.

CoResolve Deep Democracy

Deep Democracy

Course for Leaders

As organizations become more diverse and complex, we are increasingly called upon to skillfully deal with interpersonal and team dynamics.


CoResolve, the Deep Democracy course, aimed at leaders, expands the ability of leaders to succeed in turbulent times, offering practical tools to work differences in groups and to transform conflicts into creative tension

Imagine's Planning

Planejamento Estratégico

Imagine Planning is a decision-making method, for short projects, short meetings and for long-term processes.


Anchored in the use of methodologies to co-create digitally and in person, we articulate high performance and participation of teams and teams with an active environment, which sustains the presence and interest of the participants, with a focus on results.




Regina Egger Pazzanese
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Historian and social communicator. PhD in Social History from the University of São Paulo (USP). Has worked for two decades in the field of participation as a facilitator of processes and conflict resolution and negotiation, with extensive experience in project and program management in areas such as institutional development, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and governance, especially for the public sector and non-governmental organizations.

Marcela Moraes
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Lawyer, graduated in Law from PUC-SP, master in Public Policy Management from USP. Specialist in organizational planning, project design and management, facilitation of participatory processes, advocacy and campaigns. It has a leading role in the areas of human rights, democracy and sustainability. He supported projects in several civil society organizations, such as Instituto Pólis, Avaaz, Instituto Democracia e Sustentabilidade IDS and Associação Brasileira de ONGs Abong.



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"Imagine Consulting advised Instituto Unibanco on the High School Curriculum Challenges project, in 2015. The moderation methodology used in the conversation circles was of excellent quality: it showed differential, dynamism and managed that the different audiences converged on themes that generated important developments for the institution's projects. "

Maria Clara Wasserman, Instituto Unibanco

"I don't believe in perfection when it comes to providing a service. We are all subject to errors. But I know very few people who come so close to this much-desired perfection in delivering something like Regina Egger. In addition to intelligence and repertoire absolutely out of the curve, the Regina brings a pragmatic and "problem-solving" bias that makes life easier for anyone involved in projects with her "

Matheus Machado, INFAME

"Regina did a great job of strategic management consulting for PONDER70, with services such as planning, development, formatting, executive production and advice on art and culture projects."

Conrado Zanotto, PONDER70

Strategic Planning Federal Mandate Senate | September 2019


Strategic Planning Federal Mandate Senate | September 2019



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